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All accepted papers of ICEEEE2018 has been recorded in Web of Science.


2019.4.30 Good News: The second round of calling for papers begin and the deadline of this round is 30 May, 2019.
2019.4.30 好消息:第二轮征稿开始,本轮截稿时间为2019年5月30日。

2019.4.19 Good News: All papers accepted by ICEEEE2018 has been successfully indexed by SCI.
2019.4.19 好消息:所有ICEEEE2018推荐的文章已完成SCI检索。

2019.2.26 Good News
: The special issue of ICEEEE2018 is now announced in the website of IJHE Volume 44 issue11. More information you can check here.
2019.2.26 好消息:ICEEEE2018特刊已正式上线在Volume 44 Issue11,详情可点击查看。


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